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Quick way to make an anti-tilt (corrected typo)

Warning: this will take ~20 minutes
1. Connect a plank to 2 wall motors
2. Select the one on the right
3. Double tap play
4. You should be able to move the motor without moving the plank, move it to the place shown in the middle
5. Double tap play
6. Tap the plank and move the motor you moved towards it. You should now see that you can get it spinning stupidity high speed (over 40k rpm for me)
7. Move the motor to a position that makes the rotation look ordered
8. Keep watch. If you see its rotation pattern suddenly change, it means that you passed a power of 2; the 1st one I typically notice is passing 2^17 radians. Make sure that it continues spinning fast
9. Repeat step 8 for 20 minutes
10. Put the plank in a closed loop, like on the right

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PublishedOct 16, 2017
Last modifiedOct 16, 2017

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