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Saber tank

Sir, this community is dieing!

Zeploy ze dank

The dank has been deployed!

I might not be able to play apparatus as much for a week so I thought I would finish up this tank before leaving. As usual, you will have to wire it (plugged in wires unfortunately can break levels upon load). For this, I am truely sorry.
How to wire the gun:
Connect all 4 batteries to the nearby cable hub and then that to the motor powering the gun. Connect the top left battery to the control box's bottom or middle terminal. Connect its top terminal to the remaining cable hub. Finally, connect that cable hub to the 2 rockets.
Wiring the wheels should need no explanation.
Use the slider to control the ammo pressure and take out the 2 reachable enemy tanks [ignore the one I am too lazy to remove on the far left]. The gun is capable of shooting through thin walls and I have provided one you can set up and practice on.
Sorry for the lag and have fun! :)
Please leave a rating; this took me a long time to make

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PublishedJul 03, 2017
Last modifiedJul 03, 2017

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