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1911 COLT45 semi-automatic w/ballistic bullets NEW VERSION

This is as accurate as i can get it with the limitations of apparatus.although i am very pleased with this build, even if i do say so is however very prone to jamming and the ballistic bullets are very fragile, BUT when it does work it's very satisfying.*IMPORTANT!!!!!* IF YOU WANT TO FIRE THE COLT SUCCESSFULLY YOU HAVE TO PRESS AND HOLD BOTH BUTTONS AT THE SAME TIME!!! BUT RELEASE THE LEFT BUTTON 1ST THEN THE RIGHT!!!as i said press and hold the buttons till the slide go back and collects the next bullet, then release THE LEFT button 1ST then the RIGHT to load the bullet into the breach. then repeat to fire have 5 bullets with 1 in the chamberhope you like it, coz i sure do :) even if it is unreliable

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Level ID25910
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PublishedMar 10, 2013
Last modifiedOct 18, 2015

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